Hip and Knee Replacement Videos

Below you will find the Orthopaedic Patient Education videos (Hip and Knee Surgery) for your iPad.

The original videos are hosted by CDHA but they are not iPad compatible.

Full Video

  • Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery (full video without the exercises)  40 minutes

Below you will find the full video broken into smaller segments, 1. Before Surgery, 2. During Your Hospital Stay, 3. At Home After Surgery, 4. Exercises, so you can watch the specific parts again, after you watch the full video.

Please scroll down the page to find your video.

Before Surgery

  1. Surgery Introduction
  2. Patient Rights
  3. Blood Management
  4. Research: You May be Asked to Participate
  5. Joint Registry
  6. Pre-Admission Clinic
  • Surgery Introduction

  • Preparing For Surgery

  • Patient Rights

  • Blood Management

  • Research: You May be Asked to Participate

  • Joint Registry

  • Pre-Admission Clinic

During Your Hospital Stay

  1. Day of Surgery
  2. Health Care Team
  3. Pain Management
  4. Swelling
  5. While in Hospital
  6. Discharge Order
  • Day of Surgery

  • Health Care Team

  • Swelling

  • While In Hospital

  • Discharge Order

At Home After Surgery

  1. Going Home
  2. Signs of Infection
  3. Blood Clots
  4. Rules to Follow
  5. Knee Rules
  6. Hip Rules
  7. Weight Bearing and Activity
  8. Using the Washroom
  9. Bathing tub Transfers
  10. Bathing and Showering
  11. Washing Hair at the Sink
  12. Getting in and out of Bed
  13. Dressing Tools: Socks and Shoes
  14. Dressing Pants and Undergarments
  15. Driving as a Passenger
  16. Ending Pre-Surgery Preparations
  • Going Home

  • Signs of Infection

  • Blood Clots

  • Rules to Follow

  • Knee Rules

  • Hip Rules 
  1. PLEASE NOTE: With Hip Rule #1, Not bending to 90 degrees only applies for some hip surgical methods. Please contact your surgeon to find out if bending to 90 degrees is good or bad for your hip.

  • Weight Bearing and Activity

  • Using the Washroom

  • Bathing tub Transfers

  • Bathing and Showering

  • Washing Hair at the Sink

  • Getting in and out of Bed

  • Dressing Tools: Socks and Shoes

  • Dressing Pants and Undergarments

  • Driving as a Passenger

  • Ending Pre-Surgery Preparations

Your Care and Exercises After Surgery

  1. Introduction to Exercises and Deep Breathing


Knee Exercises

  1. Heel Slide
  2. Knee: Extension
  3. Knee: Quad Rollover
  4. Knee: Quad Sets (Quad Isometrics)
  5. Knee: Straight Leg
  • Heel Slide

  • Knee: Extension

  • Knee: Flexion

  • Knee: Quad Over Roll

  • Knee: Quad Sets

  • Knee: Straight Leg Raises


Hip Exercises

  1. Ankle Pumping
  2. Buttock Flex
  3. Heel Press
  4. Heel Slide
  5. Hip Abduction
  6. Hip and Knee Flexion
  7. Hip Extension
  8. Quad Over Roll
  9. Quad Sets (Quad Isometrics)
  • Ankle Pumping

  • Buttock Flex

  • Heel Press

  • Heel Slide

  • Hip Abduction

  • Hip and Knee Flexion

  • Hip Extension

  • Knee: Quad Over Roll

  • Quad Sets (Quad Isometrics)

Dr. Alexander Dr. Amirault Dr. Biddulph Dr. Coady Dr. Coles Dr. Dunbar Dr. Glazebrook Dr. Gross Dr. Johnston Dr. Leighton Dr. Oxner
Dr. Reardon Dr. Richardson Dr. Trenholm Dr. Wong Dr. Howard Dr. Orlik Dr. Logan Dr. El-Hawary Dr. O'Brien Dr. Legay Dr. Venugopal